Q: Describe the dinner choices, please!

  • Braised Lamb - Locally raised leg of lamb braised with dates, cinnamon, and star anise served over couscous with fresh mint chutney. (Gluten free)

  • Pan-Seared Salmon -Wild Pacific Salmon pan-seared and served with fresh relish made from the best seasonal ingredients. Fall and winter options may include fresh fennel, citrus, and pomegranate. Served over rosemary and garlic roasted potatoes. (Gluten and dairy free)

  • Vegetable Crêpe - Delicate spinach crêpes filled with fresh seasonal vegetables, parmesan cheese, and béchamel.

Q: Does this wedding have a dress code?

  • The dress code is: please wear clothes! For a more serious answer: it's a wedding, but it's also our wedding. Katherine will be wearing a tea-length dress, and Ian will be wearing, in his words, "just a regular suit." So we'll look good, but not fancy good.

Q: Wait, are you both changing your name to Youngram?!

  • Maybe! We are still kicking it around as a possibility, but haven't actually decided. Whether or not we actually make it legal, we will definitely continue using Youngram for both fun and brevity. Feel free to send us mail or refer to us collectively as The Youngrams if that floats your boat.